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Church Attendance - New Measures -

You Must register in advance to attend Mass.

To Register for a Mass please call during office hours : Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

No e-mails and no voice messages please

Available Masses: Sat. 4:30 pm, Sun. 10:00, Sun.10:30 am



Regular Mass hours

SUNDAY:  8:30 a.m Polish

10:00 a.m English

11:45 a.m Polish

WEDNESDAY10:00 a.m English

7:00 p.m Polish

 (no mass during summer months resumes Sept 9, 2020 )

FRIDAY: 7:00 p.m Polish

SATURDAY: 4:30 p.m English

6:00 p.m Polish

Development & Peace :

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted us in many ways here in Canada. In the Global South, the impacts are devastating, as the pandemic is worsening poverty, hunger,

conflict and gender inequality. Our Quebec Bishops have agreed for parishes in Montreal to support a special collection for Development and Peace. 

 More than ever, your solidarity and generosity are needed to support the work of Development and Peace so we are all recovering together.

The partners of Development and Peace are working for a just recovery in countries such as Peru, Lebanon, Bangladesh, Somalia and Haiti so that all can live in dignity. 

 Development and Peace – Caritas Canada needs your support! You can help in three ways:

  1. By donating to the collection at Saint John Paul II Parish.  
  2. By donating online at
  3. By becoming a monthly donor:

Pastoral Home Care wishes you a Joyful And Blessed Christmas !

Free Services & Support Groups

Pastoral Home Care (SASMAD/PHC)

“For more than 20 years the Archdiocese of Montreal has offered a service of spiritual accompaniment of the sick and elderly persons in their own homes, under the name SASMAD, or as it is known in English, Pastoral Home Care.

This diocesan service is confidential and free, and is made available thanks to the visits of hundreds of volunteers who have received special training.”  SASMAD/PHC

Therefore, please call the Rectory (514) 637-2379 and leave the names of any sick or shut-ins that you are aware of so that they can be visited (called) by a Pastoral Home Care volunteer once a week.

Kingdom Mindset

Are you feeling Anxious? Are you concerned about your mental health?

There is a support group that meets, via webinar, every month for discussion. Their support is Faith based.  The group is called the Kingdom Mindset and you can get in contact with Adam and Judy (Catholic Action) through their email address at 

Widower's Support Group

COVID19 has left us feeling quite vulnerable especially since we cannot gather even in times of loss. There is a Widow(er)s’ Support Group that meet every 1st Monday of the month. Please contact Anne Parsons at (514) 457-2183 or

Friends of Mercy

At this time more than ever, Prayer is needed.  Why not join the Friends of Mercy Association?  There are NO fees, and NO meetings, just prayer. For more information please use the following email address at  

Spiritual Support Line

There is a Spiritual Support Line 1-888-305-0994 if you desire extra support. This service is set up by the Archdiocese in this time of pandemic and is manned by PHC volunteers who can speak to you in English, French, Spanish and Arabic. This is available to anyone who could benefit from a listening ear.

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