Restoration Project

While much of the church is in need of repair, it has been decided that work to the exterior is most important.  A combination of strong winds, heavy rains, ice and old age have led to increasing damage to the structure of the building over time.  After consulting roofing experts and architects, it was determined that work to the building could no longer be postponed.


Tower $84,827.61

 Roof  $82,207.13

 Flooring material $3,578.97

Flat roofs. $3,578.97

Total costs to date for repairs $180,061.13

Contracts completed by:

Toitures Bininng Inc. 

Maconnie L.M.R.

HBGC Ingenieurs

Church Roof

The overall structure of the roof consists of a tower, a main roof and two flat roofs.  Repair to the main roof began late in the fall of 2019 and is in its final stages of repair. 

Rectory Floor

Rectory floor repairs began in May 2020.  Fr. Miodek and Volunteers worked on the rectory floor.


Church Tower

Work on the tower began in January and has been ongoing. Major work was needed to stabilize the stones and bricks.  Expected completion date is November 2020.

Church Windows

Church windows are currently under repair.  

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